Aleksandra Crvendakić karijeru nastavlja u Francuskoj

Reprezentativka Srbije Aleksandra Crvendakić (1996, 188) potpisala je ugovor sa francuskim Asvelom iz Liona.


Crvendakić posle šest sezona napušta Šopron.

Za to vreme je osvojila pet titula šampiona Mađarske, četiri puta kup Mađarske i igrala u dva polufinala Evrolige.

LDLC Asvel Feminin Lyon je pre prekida šampionata Francuske bio lider na tabeli sa učinkom 14-2, ispred Burža koji je imao 13 pobeda i tri poraza.

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🇬🇧 To my Sopron family I really wouldn't know where to start. 6 seasons is really not a small period of time . Each season has a special story to tell. I was just a kid when I came to Sopron. Kid with hopes and dreams willing to do everything it takes to become who I’m today. I never expected to find people with such big hearts in such a small town. First, I would like to thank Török Zoltán, my coaches, teammates, all the people who work for the club and of course the fans. It's hard for me to write this because I grew up in this city and with these people who became my friends for the lifetime . They gave me support, love and respect. I learned how to be a good teammate, I learned to respect the club I was in, how to play every game under the pressure … I learned how to be a champion! I am really grateful for every moment spent in this club. I learn a lot of valuable lessons through the hardships and they showed me that giving up has never been an option. 5x Hungarian champions 4x Hungarian cup winners 2x Euroleague women F4 There will always be a green-yellow color in my heart and Sopron will always be my second home. Love you all Aleks (Szandi) 💚💛

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